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what the ‘denier’ does this mean ???

14 Dec

So … talking about the meaning of measurements (as we were some time ago) … today I found myself considering  the meaning of ‘denier’ … who would have thought, choosing a pair of tights would be so tricky ????

Today, as I got dressed to go out into the snow , I was faced with the decision of which which tights to wear … 15 denier, 40 denier or two pairs of 15 (does that make 30 ?) ….or even 300denier….. why is it so tricky ?

I want cover, but not too thick, sheerness but not too see through…. warmth but not too heavy ….what the hell does this denier mean ? ….. It’s way too hard, so I opted for the easy solution…… does it look and feel ok?

Who cares about tensile strength? or a single strand of silk (which is apparently one denier equal in weight to 124 of an ounce of yarn). The term microdenier is used to describe filaments that weigh less than one gram per 9000 meters….so what does this have to do with my tights????

Truth is …all I really want @ 50 something is warm and comfy…..



lucky 300…

27 Oct


Woo Hoo ~Today is the 300th day of the year !!

 …. “how on earth does she know that”? I hear you ask …or more likely …“so what”?

Well I know, because this is the 300th blog post this year… 300 peeks through the window and into the nonsense that goes on my head.

Back in the beginning… (January 1st to be exact) I made a commitment to write something…, anything, every day for a year. It seemed like a good idea at the time, and I guess on reflection it was… But while it does force you to stop and think about one random aspect of life every day ….it’s certainly not for the faint hearted.

  • I’ve learned lots about myself … and lots about what I need to learn about (… mmm like the truth about chickens and dolphins)
  • I’ve discovered an unusual number of my observations take place in toilets (like… where DO put your handbag?).
  • I’ve figured that there are themes in the things that catch my attention (eyebrows, bad spelling…and birds ..)
  • I’ve realised that there are an awful lot of coincidences in this life (what are the chances…?)
  • I’ve embraced the fact that I’m 50 something … but not dead yet !!
  • and I’ve understood that it doesn’t matter whether you know if anyone is reading … but how lovely it is when you get some random feedback… or bump into someone and the next thing they make a comment about something they enjoyed (or hated) …and I think “well there you go someone IS out there after all”.


So…. as I continue to tap away for another 65days, I I hate to say it … but that means it’s 59 days until Christmas !!!



from rolling stones to flathead…

24 Oct

rolling stones 2Unless you have been living under a rock, you will know that the Rolling Stones have made the trip Down Under, and are currently here in Aus about to start their tour in Adelaide. That in itself is pretty amazing on so many levels …. not-the-least-of-which  is imagining this bunch of septuagenarians rocking it on stage !!

But equally as curious was the fresh faced young reporter rolling stonesin her late 20’s who introduced the story on morning TV… and who excitedly reported that ‘the boys’ had been strutting their stuff wildly in rehearsal. What a crack-up …. I mean for them to call each other ‘boys’ is one thing …. BUT when they could be your grandfathers ??? (..mind you, I’ll bet ‘the boys’ love it.)

Which brings me to the fish market.

On my way home I stopped to grab some fish (as you might in a fish market). I was served by 2 sweet young women (mmm maybe  somewhere around 15yrs and 17yrs). Both helpful, attentive and came complete with ‘westie bogan twangs’ …All was well until one of them called me  ‘daarl’ …and then the other called me ‘sweetie’ .  I mean… what’s with that ???

flatheadDon’t get me wrong… this is not about me wanting respect, based on my tender   ‘50Something’  years ….it’s the bizarreness of our language, and the sense of familiarity exuded by two young some-ones from whom I just bought one slimy sea creature.

I don’t think it quite constitutes friendship …or even stronger still, an intimacy that might call for words like ‘darling’ or ‘sweetheart’…. Maybe I’m wrong…but it’s got me wondering.


face painting for the 50Something…

22 Oct

So… there I was preparing to head out for the day with Mr 50Something, when I sense he is becoming a  little toe-y. I heard the pacing and the car keys rattling and knew instantly  that I was getting the ‘hurry-up’, so rather than finish the job properly, I figured I add the final touches in the car.

I emerge from the bathroom ready to go and he looked at me quizzically…

‘ummm … you look good …BUT …you haven’t finished ‘colouring in!’colour in

I replied that I had my paint box and tools and that I would complete the work of art en-route…

He was then completely amused as he watched the portrait take shape layer upon layer on the blank canvas. A hint of colour here and a touch of gloss there, extra fibres for eyelashes, tinted gel for those (ever important) eyebrows, a defining edge for the lips and finally a quick powder dusting to set the lot.

Done … from ‘early morning bedroom’ face to ‘happy to be seen in public’ face in only 2kms….. and with endless commentary from the man who first questioned what was missing and then proceeded to ask ‘why do you bother with all this’ ?…. sigh…. Because I’m 50Something but not dead yet !!!







3 strikes…

10 Jun

Funny how suddenly out of the blue you can have a bizarre and strange run of good luck…luck

This time last week I was feeling more than a little ‘blah’ then it all changed … I opened my on-line scrabble game and my tiles had been dealt spelling me a 7 letter word without any need for thinking… SCORE !!! 100points !

Next day I put on a jacket to find $20 in the pocket…obviously tucked away safely since last winter…SCORE!!! $20 !

Finally, last night cleaning the accumulated road-rip rubbish from the floor of the car after our weekend away,  I reach under the seat to discover my work I.D badge that’s been lost for months …SCORE !!! (priceless given the hospital security that’s encoded…and my devastation at the thought of needing to report it lost…oops).

I wonder if I should buy a lottery ticket ?




it’s a fine line between pleasure and pain…

4 Jun

hairdresser1Those of you that have been following my musings, will know of my hairdressing dilemma. How to break in a new one that I…  like.. trust… can get to easily every 3 weeks… and that I can communicate with (especially given my vocal limitations).

I found ‘Ms J’  and, while she will never be able to ‘fill the scissors’ of my old super-hairdresser… she is lovely and ticks most boxes. However…there is a new dilemma.hairdresser

You see, she has a school-based apprentice working in the salon, who is a shocker….surly, unfriendly and really really ROUGH.

The first time I was treated to her fingers at the basin, I found myself wishing that I was having hot pokers stuck in my eyeballs… but I cut her some slack because she was so young and new.

The second time I was hoping for an improvement, but alas no !… More pain, less gain and the best part of a salon visit had been reduced to torture.

I finally found the courage to have a quiet word with Ms J and was happy (but not surprised) to hear that many had gone there before me. PHEW …I wasn’t imagining it… and it’s not just ME  that she doesn’t like.. she really is awful at her job, and yes… she is ‘being encouraged to do better’

THAT was 3 weeks ago.

hairwashingSo tonight I went expecting to find a slightly less aggressive approach with the suds …(I  even dared to look forward to it)…  You can imagine my disappointment when  she jumped in and  started ripping at the roots while scrubbing the same spot round and round in circles for what felt like 2 minutes of sheer agony. By the time we progressed to conditioner, to her credit, she did ask ‘is that pressure ok?’   … so I guess you could say that’s an improvement.

Having survived the basin Ms J asked me what I thought,  so I replied that perhaps she should encourage her young charge to consider a career change….as a hairdresser she would make a great accountant (or anything really, as long as it doesn’t involve touching another person).



can someone remind me where I’m going…

2 Jun

Well almost four years in and I’m still not sure what I think about my mid life decision to do Uni by Distance. On the one hand I love the flexibility and being able to fit it in around my real life… but on the other hand I find myself wondering if I have some kind of death wish….(and enjoy running the gauntlet).study kitchen

As a 50Something, I made the decision to jump into the books. Having lost my voice I had rediscovered my love of the written word, so I thought it would be fun to write …ESSAYS !! …. LOL ..What was I thinking ?

exam hallAnyway, as a student I make a great full time worker.

My dedication to the task of study is haphazard to say the least…yet in a weird way I am really enjoying it (a crazy thing to say after doing the longest exam in history today). I have spent the last 6 hours sitting at the kitchen table in my PJ’s, making up 3000 words on topics related to law and human rights… punctuated by hanging the washing on the line and taking regular coffee breaks… exams were never like this ‘back in my day‘.

With any luck, only 18months to go … I’ll still be 50 Something and then I might decide what I want to do when I grow up!





the disadvantage of dyslexic fingers

8 Apr

After a crazier than usual few days I’m struggling to stay focussed enough to write anything intelligible …THEN my damn keyboard has a melt down with the curser jumping from one word to another.


I find myself jumbling words… sentences… and whole darn articles….So…with that in my mind …this will be very brief !!!

In fact I might jst not correct the next few li it takes us nes and see where. Its hard to imagine life like this being anywhere close to ‘normal’ (whatver that is .).

so i think we need a window now  instead of new words



it is my duty, and I will do it with honour…

5 Apr

You may remember me mocking the  airline security issue a couple of days back…with the self reporting  ‘tick-a-box’ approach to ‘I’m a terrorist’ ….or  ‘I’m not a terrorist’.

Well our airport experience actually proved two things about the move to online, self serve check-in, and security screening.

1/ people lie (now that’s a surprise)

2/ the security guys are annoyingly slow …. but good at their job.

We arrived with a comfortable buffer of time before our flight and a plan to fill that time relaxing with a coffee, however, that was clearly not going to happen. As we decanted our metal bits, liquids and laptop  into the plastic trays,  and threw our carry on onto the conveyer belt, the security guy is like a broken record repeating his mantra about removing all aerosol cans for inspection. Yeah yeah we get it ….

‘Mr 50Something’ got pulled aside for an extra swipe of the metal detector after setting off the walk through screening with his brand new titanium knees (a brief explanation and he was free to go)… then as I walk through I notice the conveyor belt has stopped and MY suitcase hauled aside for a closer inspection.  Everything was being done systematically and in frustratingly a thorough manner…so I’m left standing while they complete the inspection of the previous luggage (by now I’m thinking  ‘bugga I’m thinking there goes my coffee’).screening

Feeling very smug about the contents of my bag, and knowing they would find no contraband  I was  amused by the fuss (at first)… but then started to get a little irritated as the clocked ticked and I could see we were no longer early.

The search of the other passenger’s bag was taking forever. He was very defensive and ‘daring’ the inspector to find anything illegal, as the contents of his backpack were systematically spread across the counter, however, the inspector calmly and forcefully insisted that there was a knife secreted in there somewhere.

THEN  on the third run through the contents…there is was…a knife alright! With a 25cm long blade, tucked away inside a cardboard sleeve and wrapped in a t shirt.  The passenger just shrugged and said ‘OK you win’…as if to say it was worth a try.

So by now our boarding call is happening,  and I’m very politely suggesting that they just ‘have a quick look and let me go because there is nothing irregular in my bag’… the response (read with Indian accent) was ‘Madam it is my duty, and I will do it with honour , I will be as fast as I am able but I must be thorough’. To which I’m thinking yes that’s great but I’m going to miss my plane. Then he pulls out a can of hairspray ….an AEROSOL can..oops ….now look who’s  embarrassed!

Oh dear, that’s what happens when you pack in an absent minded rush.  I completely forgot about the hairspray (that I probably won’t even use)

I wonder if that was the same excuse the ‘knife man’ used ??  Somehow I think his packing was a little more deliberate.

Yes we made the plane …JUST !!!


a light in the window…

3 Apr

After a facebook comment last night from a near and dear office buddy ….I feel it’s timely to reinforce the whole window thing.

Many people who have joined the journey along the way may not have travelled back in time to the early days where I explained the window deal…. so if you DO know the story feel free to go and make a cup of tea.

For the rest of you here it is in a nutshell.nutshell

8 years ago I lost my voice… BUT… I  am such a ‘compulsive talker’ that I needed  a way to get the words out of my head before it exploded. So I started to write …anything really … just so people could see what was going on inside my mind.. writing was a window to my world (corny I know …but it works)

Then one day …looking through a bunch of my travel photos, I noticed that I had a real attraction to windows… soooo many photos of windows. There it was the sign I needed to keep on writing…everyday for a year and everyday another window from somewhere in my world.

So that’s the simple story … The special request from my ‘Roomie’, was for  that if I MUST keep the window theme going …could she at least see some modern ones …LOL… answer ??? …well… we’ll see but probably not.


dedicated to KD