how to spot a sycophant…

29 Jan

From the time I was little (well probably ‘young’ is a better description…I was never really ‘little’), I have believed that all people were equal… race, gender, colour, age were all irrelevant in my simple mind; not through any particular social consciousness, probably more because I was too ‘simple’ to categorise people (or maybe because I’m a Libran and life is all about things being equal).sycophant

Don’t panic….I’m not about to jump on any do-gooder equality soap box  …you either believe it or you don’t… BUT when it comes to sycophants? well that’s a different story (cue the soap box).

I can’t help but notice that this fabulous word has rolled off many-a- tongue in recent conversations… partly because it’s such a fantastic word to say (go on try it… ‘sick-o-fant’)  but also because the act of sycophancy seems almost compulsory in some circles.

You may not be particularly familiar with it’s meaning BUT I’ll bet you recognise, ‘brown nose’…’groveller’…’suck-hole’…’crawler’… ‘flatterer’ … and the list goes on; but for the record, the dictionary describes the sycophant as

‘a servile self-seeker who attempts to win favour by flattering influential people’.

We all know them, and they are easy to spot; usually with a dirty nose and muttering incessant drivel about the qualities of their chosen ‘hero’. Generally speaking they make you want to puke as they fawn around the boss, the rich, the powerful, the influential… but contribute nothing.

So back to my point, we all eat, breathe, sleep and pee the same regardless of our ‘position’… so whether your job is to remove the brain tumours or mop the operating theatre floor embrace it,  and help free the world of sycophants.

End of sermon.P1080933


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