coffee cringes

6 Feb

I love my coffee just as much as the next person …but I really find ‘coffee snobs’ hard to swallow; they are popping up everywhere and are just as bad as the know-it-all wine snob. I really don’t care whether it’s plunged, perked, dripped or instant…as long as it is hot strong and not-too-milky.

Which brings me to my point…. when IS it ok to complain about a bad one, without sounding like a complete tosser?


Today I had the pleasure of meeting a friend for catch up and coffee at a cafe in her workplace … It was made even better when she offered to shout…( I should have suspected something when she opted for a cold drink instead).  So, there we were settled into our conversation and I took my first sip… eeek… watery and very very odd flavour. I just smiled and we continued to talk as I felt awkward that:  (a) she has paid for it …and (b) I hate to complain (and sound like a tosser).

So…I persevered for 2 more  mouthfuls until it all became TOO much…The vile after-taste had me imagining that I was about to succumb to some sort of bizarre toxicity and be rushed off to the local hospital ( and THAT wasn’t a good option – I know because I work there).

I eventually fess up and tell my friend that it is god awful, and she laughed saying “that’s why no-one buys coffee here”. (LOL thanks Karen).

I decided to brave it and tell the barista…BUT… given the crowd and my ‘vocal challenges’, it just all became too hard …so I binned it !! (and left feeling bad for the next victim)…. BUT I am happy to report that I’m 50 something and (still) not dead yet despite my ordeal.



2 Responses to “coffee cringes”

  1. Karen February 6, 2014 at 11:41 am #

    Ha ha he he (read that as lots of laughing)
    Oh dear …well you aren’t no coffee snob…I will always wonder what they would have said.
    A barista …I don’t think they have ever been called that before.
    So sorry dear friend…but it was good to see you.
    Maybe somewhere different next time.

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