it’s a sign…..

7 Feb

Where is the quality control? I mean, whose job is it to check that the sign-writer can spell before employing them to promote the business. I must say nothing puts me off a company more than the first impression that they are illiterate.

Sure everyone needs a little help with spelling from time to time … but lets face it …that’s what spellcheck is for…. but when you have someone create signage for you it should be accurate, clear and at the very least ….spelled right.


My  ‘spell-check juices’ where reignited this morning when I drove past a new local business…  and there it was hanging in pride of place above the shopfront window…the offending sign.

Now one could make ‘some’ allowance if English is not the first language…… BUT seriously???

This got me thinking and prompted me to take a peek on the internet to see some of the worst offenders … Now I’m not silly… and I do know that some of the funnier images have been photoshopped to look extra bad… but my guess is that there are also  many many genuine mistakes.

Judge for yourself … but I’ve gotta say the schools are a worry…if THEY can’t get it right ….who can ???spelling 5

spelling 1



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