how to ruin a good movie …and lunch

8 Feb

Sitting in a cafe today and I was acutely aware of the bizarre scene that was unfolding at the next table.

Nothing dreadful (well I guess, that’s debatable lol), just two ’50 something women’ talking. Perhaps I should rephrase that ~ one talking …loudly and non stop, while the other made strange noises like ‘ooh’… ‘o-h’…’reeea-lly’…’mmm’ …’yeah’.

It was the most absurd demonstration of one sided babble, while woman #1 proceeded to tell her friend (and anyone within earshot), the entire storyline of a new release movie. At every opportunity she mentioned ‘Geoffrey Rush’  by name, as though she was trying to sound cultured, although the loud and monotone voice was a dead give-away on the question of culture. shhh

Then, only mildly more irritating than the Geoffrey Rush echo was the repeated chorus line  ‘you’ve just GOT to see it’  … well here’s the truth ..No she doesn’t…. and neither do we, now that we know the whole darn story.

Perhaps it’s vocal envy, and my inability to compete… but I have to say that overbearing voices are right up there on my list of the ten most irritating behaviours ~ even worse than nose picking or pimple squeezing.

I’m irritated and ’50 something’…P1120647 but not dead yet.


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