one man’s junk…

25 Feb

…is another man’s junk (sometimes).junk

I love that we have all become so much more environmentally aware…and that recycling has become the norm; but I sometimes wonder about the roadside ‘junk’.

Today while I was out driving I passed not one but THREE TV’s sitting on the footpath… each with a sign indicating ‘free to a good home. But the truth of the matter is that they are now nothing more than junk (especially after sitting out in the weather).  Every few weeks, piles of pre-loved and rejected goodies are left out on the footpath for Council pick-up  providing a bonanza for bargain hunters … I guess it’s one way of relocating the junk and keeping the cycle alive.

On the other hand…back on the first week of the school year I was driving to work and I couldn’t help but smile. …. A house nearby my office had a bunch of local school uniforms hanging on their picket fence, all pressed and ready for the taking. While it looked a bit like a Chinese laundry… I thought it was a fantastic way of sharing the love in what is a struggling blue collar (perhaps even ‘no collar’) neighbourhood.

You’ve gotta love recycling…. junk and all.



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