from Russia with love ….

2 Mar

furSo… today’s observation involves many ‘slightly-older-than 50 Something’ women hanging out in politically incorrect ‘head- to- toe’ fur.

We took the subway out of Manhattan to check out the infamous Coney Island. Despite the fact that it is heading toward spring… it  felt more like middle of  winter with temps around minus 8 deg… BUT, rugged up in our winter woollies, we headed for the (rather desolate) boardwalk to take in the beach and all it had to offer.

As we pondered the depressed greyness of what is meant to be a ‘fun park’ the thing that struck me was the number of more mature women wrapped in a variety of animal pelts… The striking similarity between them all got us to wondering…. and then all was revealed.

Coney Island and it’s surrounds, is apparently a Russian enclave … full of Slavic ex-pats bringing with them a range of fabulous food …and ‘fur fashions’. I saw more fur hats, wraps and full length coats in a square kilometre than I have seen in a lifetime… What they were in a past life is anyone’s guess, but one thing is for sure, these well dressed Russian women were certainly warmer than those of us wrapped in our synthetic coats and acrylic scarves.

The fur trade? …. politically incorrect perhaps;  but like it or loathe it…maybe it’s a case of recycling at its finest (just saying).



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