24huge hours of nostalgia…

23 Mar

the 24 hour marathon began with a trip to the zoo last night to see Aussie rockers Daryl Braithwaite and Ross Wilson (from ‘back in the day’ ) sing their hearts out for us…just downhill from the elephants. They transported us back to  our mis-spent youth, while prancing around the stage with their stiff arthritic hips (just like half of the audience)… all I could think was thank god arthritis does effect vocal cords…

Then today it was off to the alma mater to catch up… compare notes… and tell lies about life over the past 40 years.



Most people that ever brave the invitation to attend a reunion …come away glad that they did..and today was no different.

BUT …..It’s late and I’m tired, so I’m going to cheat by posting the following tips from Marie-Claire, about how to handle the small talk if you ever find yourself to attend a school reunion…. enjoy.

What to say if you haven’t quite “lived up to your full potential”

THE SPIN: “I love cuddling up to my big guy every night — he’s my best friend.”
THE TRUTH: Your bullmastiff, Colby, is tired of spooning.

THE SPIN: “My place is cool — it has a sunken living room!”
THE TRUTH: You’re still living in your parents’ basement.

THE SPIN: “I’ll have my girl Joan call you to set up a lunch.”
THE TRUTH: Joan is your cubemate who owes you for covering for her after a four-hour shopping spree.

THE SPIN: “I’m active in children’s charities.”
THE TRUTH: You drop the change from your Big Mac into the Ronald McDonald House box.

THE SPIN: “The family’s great!”
THE TRUTH: Your bro is in jail, your sis is in porn, you haven’t seen the folks since graduation.



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