the joke’s on me…

24 Mar

Most of you know of my horror in relation to bad public spelling…you know …when sign-writing goes wrong (not that it’s ok to do it in private , but somehow   it is 1000 times worse when it is painted on a sign that shouts  “I’m stupid”)…So, you can imagine my delight when I came across a painted sign advertising ‘amstaffs’  for sale.P1130213

The handmade advert sign caught my eye and immediately pricked my curiosity, in fact enough that I drove around the block to take another look and snap a photo to share with you all.

After all… how could anyone spell “Mastiff” wrong ? …not once but twice.

However, before putting my fingers to work and taking the high moral ground on this I ‘googled’  the offending word and bugga me, it is a legitimate breed of pup…. an Amstaff is an American Staffy.

Who would have thought it ? but why am I surprised in these times of labradoodles, cadoodles , boxerdoodles, cockerpoos, bossi-poos and ‘bich-poos’  Yes all real, just to name a few  !! check them out

So my apologies to the people on March Street who are doing their best to find homes for their amstaff puppies .. my bad.



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