say what ???

25 Mar

I was sitting in a staff meeting today, discussing ‘way-finding’…, ‘dashboards’…, ‘pit-stops’…, ‘on-boarding’ and‘satellite services’ …all (more or less) in the one sentence.

Those of you who know me, also know that I work in the public sector … So ten points to anyone who can guess what the hell it was all about… but first let me tell you that it was NOT related to:

  •          Holiday planningsatellite
  •          Race car driving
  •          Anything aeronautical
  •          Anything about navigation

The fact is that we are all so busy recreating our language and creating the illusion of slick-efficiency, while we struggle to keep up with what it is we are really employed to do ….

BUT I have said many times over that this blog is not the place for whining,or political grandstanding … so let’s just laugh and move on….(I’m sure I can find my way without a way-finding strategy).






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