reliving the ’70’s…

29 Mar


Remember the 70’s when going to the Chinese restaurant was a 5 star dining experience?  We would get dressed up and head out full of anticipation… order  ‘the buffet’  and end up with more food than you could jump over. We all had our favourites, but they went something like … sweet n sour pork and anything swimming in honey…all washed down with a glass of Ben Ean Moselle or sickly sweet Sauterne.

Those were the days I hear you say. …BUT WAIT the 70’s Chinese Restaurant is alive and well in Richmond.chinese rest

From the minute we walked through the door we were transported back. The immaculate open space restaurant, where there was actually enough room between tables that you didn’t hear  every work being said beside you…waitstaff in black and white perfectly pressed uniforms,  silk flowers on the table, the mirror tiled open bar in the corner….and wait, the ‘faux brick’ feature wall.

The menu had all the old faves but with a few modern incarnations added, and the house wine was merely described as red or white.

The food was great. In fact we commented that it was a huge improvement on our last Chinese dining experience in a far more authentic, but somewhat dodgy restaurant in New York’s Chinatown. So if you are ever feeling the urge for a trip back in time I recommend you give Richmond’s East Court a whirl (but don’t forget your paisley shirts, flares  and blue eyeshadow for a real 70’s experience).



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