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going nuts…

21 Jul

Mr 50Something and I have just recently decided to embrace the 5:2 approach to food…. you know the one where you (almost) starve yourself on two days and eat fairly normally on the other five.

But… in reality the starvation days are not actually starvation at all, with a reasonably generous 500cal to play with, so it’s actually quite manageable.

That is … IF you take notice of every single thing that goes in your mouth…and count it.nuts

In recent months I have embraced nuts as a generally good source of protein and hunger killer… but I was horrified today as I nibbled away on my hot fresh roasted hazelnuts, and discovered that a mere 100gms was MORE than my daily food intake (luckily I stopped at around 60gm…after I nearly choked when I saw the numbers….eeek)

Tell me who could possibly stop at 10-15 hot roasted hazelnuts in a day ?



what’s the parson got to do with it?

23 May

chookGenerally speaking my choice in food is fairly healthy… but my one real weakness is the chooks bum… parson’s nose…sultan’s nose …pope’s nose (or “pygostyle” to be formal).

Call it what you will …there is nothing better that that tender juicy (and oh so fatty) little bulge at the chooks vents. …. as long as it is extra well cooked and crunchy on the outside.

BUT I have  a problem….

…you see,  the local BBQ chicken store seems to lose a lot of bums. I have no idea where they go ( UNLESS there is someone in the shop that loves them too …and perhaps helps them to fall off during the rotisserie process). chook 2

It’s become so ridiculous that I now ask for a BBQ Chicken “with a bum.. please”.

This odd request is made even more amusing given my vocal challenge… 99% of the time I am asked to repeat myself…but  I never know if it is difficulty understanding me or understanding why I would be making such an odd request.

I know that they are not good for me … but it’s one small indulgence, that is not only tasty, but somehow provides a degree of illicit amusement. They never ever make it all the way home without being eaten in the solitude of my car (but shhhhh… don’t tell anyone)




let them eat cake…

20 May

Sitting in a cafe waiting for a friend and I stare in disbelief at those ‘perfect’ cakes in the rotating refrigerator. They looked amazing… almost TOO amazing…. like the goodies from the Cheesecake Shop only far more glamorous … How can they be so meticulously crafted ? (how can every one of them come out of the pan with straight sides and ironing board flat tops?).cake

Anyway .. back to the rotating fridge… I began to wonder how long they last? I’m sure I saw the exact same specimens in that glass display yesterday (and they were probably there the day before ~ but I wasn’t).

It got me wondering …. what IS the statute of limitations on a cafe cake? … and who has the job of actually disposing of something so luscious when it’s technically past it’s use-by date?


reliving the ’70’s…

29 Mar


Remember the 70’s when going to the Chinese restaurant was a 5 star dining experience?  We would get dressed up and head out full of anticipation… order  ‘the buffet’  and end up with more food than you could jump over. We all had our favourites, but they went something like … sweet n sour pork and anything swimming in honey…all washed down with a glass of Ben Ean Moselle or sickly sweet Sauterne.

Those were the days I hear you say. …BUT WAIT the 70’s Chinese Restaurant is alive and well in Richmond.chinese rest

From the minute we walked through the door we were transported back. The immaculate open space restaurant, where there was actually enough room between tables that you didn’t hear  every work being said beside you…waitstaff in black and white perfectly pressed uniforms,  silk flowers on the table, the mirror tiled open bar in the corner….and wait, the ‘faux brick’ feature wall.

The menu had all the old faves but with a few modern incarnations added, and the house wine was merely described as red or white.

The food was great. In fact we commented that it was a huge improvement on our last Chinese dining experience in a far more authentic, but somewhat dodgy restaurant in New York’s Chinatown. So if you are ever feeling the urge for a trip back in time I recommend you give Richmond’s East Court a whirl (but don’t forget your paisley shirts, flares  and blue eyeshadow for a real 70’s experience).


move over Pro Hart…

16 Mar

After the craziness of yesterday afternoon’s storm here in Sydney, we managed a lovely birthday –come- housewarming soiree, on a rooftop in Bondi.  ‘Number-one-son’ and his partner had moved into their new home a couple of weeks back, so it was great to catch up with them and their friends and to check out the apartment.

So…being a mum and ever mindful of my mantra… ‘where there is alcohol there will be plenty of food’… I decided to pop down to the apartment and prepare a tasty late night treat.pro hart

After creating a mountain of steaming hot nachos, piled high with guacamole, cheese  and sour cream (100% health food)… we were challenged with getting it back up 2 flights to the rooftop.  So, using my brain, I popped the hot metal tray on top of a wooden chopping board, and we headed on up the stairs. BUT as I negotiated turn number 2 the worst happened …without any warning the tray slipped sideways hit the wall bounced off and tumbled onto the carpet in the hallway…guacamole, cheese and all !!!

OOPS… Pro Hart eat your heart out…it was spectacular!

Disbelief soon gave way to amusement   and shock gave way to hysterics as we attempted to scrape it up before any of the neighbours arrived to witness the spectacle.

P1130040 Talk about a great first impression …it seems you can take me anywhere …once!


hunger games

15 Jan

I’m not sure if I am alone in this…but I rarely ever get ‘hungry’. Sure I eat (way too much over these past few weeks) but ordinarily food barely makes it onto MY Maslow’s Hierarchy of needs.


I like to cook… but in a creative kind of way for a special occasion or special person, but the idea of weekly shopping for food as basic sustenance bores me to tears these days…ESPECIALLY if I am not feeling hungry at the time. I stare at the supermarket shelves or into the butchers cabinet and I draw a blank…instead of being inspired and exciting my taste buds, my mind goes blank and I end up with a version of the same thing as last time ….UNLESS it’s a special meal and I am shopping for interesting and exotic ingredients with that in mind.

Whenever I am  asked what do you want to do for dinner ? … I’m happy to defer with the standard “I don’t mind…what would you like to do?” because it’s a rare day that I have any particular taste desire.

This is a more recent phenomenon. I mean… I  always managed to feel the kids well when they were small… but these days I’m more likely to look at the clock at 8.30pm  and think ‘mmmm I guess it may be time to consider what to prepare for dinner … oh, but seriously does anyone really want to eat?’ … (as I look about and see them gnawing their arms off up to the elbows). Not that they are incapable of cooking … but somewhere in the back of my brain there IS  a plan and they all know that they dare not interfere with that!