a light in the window…

3 Apr

After a facebook comment last night from a near and dear office buddy ….I feel it’s timely to reinforce the whole window thing.

Many people who have joined the journey along the way may not have travelled back in time to the early days where I explained the window deal…. so if you DO know the story feel free to go and make a cup of tea.

For the rest of you here it is in a nutshell.nutshell

8 years ago I lost my voice… BUT… I  am such a ‘compulsive talker’ that I needed  a way to get the words out of my head before it exploded. So I started to write …anything really … just so people could see what was going on inside my mind.. writing was a window to my world (corny I know …but it works)

Then one day …looking through a bunch of my travel photos, I noticed that I had a real attraction to windows… soooo many photos of windows. There it was the sign I needed to keep on writing…everyday for a year and everyday another window from somewhere in my world.

So that’s the simple story … The special request from my ‘Roomie’, was for  that if I MUST keep the window theme going …could she at least see some modern ones …LOL… answer ??? …well… we’ll see but probably not.


dedicated to KD






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