3 May

As I have mentioned several times …I am a people person. I am interested and fascinated by all the shades of grey in human nature and by what makes us tick ….. but the flip side of THAT is that I hate numbers with a passion.  You know…. the right and the wrong’…  the positive and the negative…. the blackness and the whiteness of number crunching !!…  They are all completely foreign concepts to me (just ask Mr ’50Something’ about our household budgeting).

So you can imagine my abject horror when I needed to spend my entire day in front of a screen juggling several spreadsheets, chokkablock full of values that didn’t add up .  A slow and painful 9 hours of death by numbers.balance

My saving grace was the great company and humour of my work-buddy and partner-in-crime (and the stash of leftover Easter chocolate on my desk). We waded through a year’s worth of ledgers and balance sheets that simply didn’t balance  (not a good thing by anyone’s measure)… punctuated by the occasional bout of hysteria as we looked at each other quizzically and asked “why are we doing this again”? and “what does it all mean”? The truth is that in the current climate of state and national audits, and scrutiny on accountability of the public sector … EVERYTHING needs to add up !!

The good news is that by with tenacity of a dog with a bone…, the curiosity of a good ‘who-done-it’…, and more than a small stroke of good fortune….we left feeling buoyed by the fact that the bottom line is looking good,  and that we wont be joining our ex-premier on the unemployment queue…YET! Phew …

Give me a room full of dysfunctional PEOPLE any day!!



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