beaten by the clock

3 May

I’m a little mad with myself!

Those of you who have been on this journey from the start… know that I made a somewhat rash commitment on first of January, to blog about something… anything really (but largely nothing)… every day for a year. It’s kind of my way of showing the world that even without a voice… I wont shut up.deadline

I had not missed a day…even when I struggled to keep my eyes open, was travelling the globe or had nothing to say …I still said something….UNTIL last night !!

You see, I was completely brain dead after all those numbers (do you remember?…1+1=chocolate).  I couldn’t face a screen, let alone write; so I thought I could be sneaky, get up early and squeeze it in this morning  (you see I discovered that WordPress is set to USA time, which effectively buys me a little of the morning to still get it in on the right date) ….but…

I MISSED THE DEADLINE !! … by minutes …

So posting twice today is  my lame attempt to make up for losing 2nd May. Crazy I know … but I told you I was not great with numbers !!



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