but it seemed like a good idea at the time …

4 May

Having spend over an hour scrubbing every nook and cranny of George…I ask myself what in the world possessed me to buy him in the first place.

george foreman 2Like lots of kitchen gadgets and appliances that promise the world..(and then deliver nothing but full cupboards and painstaking hours of cleaning),  my George Foreman  was nothing more than ‘a good idea at the time’.

The thought of grilling my lamb chops between non stick surfaces while watching all that fat drip into a tray instead of making its way onto my bum, was clearly appealing ‘way back when’….. BUT that was then !

NOW? …Well, after digging him out of the cupboard yesterday to give him a second chance at life, I discovered that he has lost all of his  teflon coating (which was probably toxic anyway), the fat doesn’t drain into the tray(actually it never really did, it just bypasses the tray to drip all over the kitchen bench), the cupboards are too full to house him…and the damn cord was always too short.

As a kitchen appliance & gadget guru George…, you make an excellent Heavyweight Boxer.



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