high finance…

9 May

Its been a funny kind of day …so many ‘odd moments’, but the silliest of all was my failed attempt to withdraw money from 3 different ATM’s.

Each one cost me a $2 transaction fee; only to tell me that they could not process my transaction at that particular moment!!!  How does THAT work? credit cards

I needed to buy a Japanese newspaper (don’t ask lol) but still had no cash in my wallet.  I decided that a credit card transaction would be a  bit much to ask, for just a paper …. (and they had a $10 limit)… So I proceeded to stock up on a bunch of Japanese goodies that I didn’t really need, just to get close to $10.

Then as the shop assistant was adding up the sales, I asked for the paper …. only to discover that it was FREE!!!

Clearly not my day !!!



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