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back on the boobs ….

2 Oct

Staying on theme ….today I went bra-shopping.

Honestly, I would normally rather have my top lip waxed than go through the torture of finding a well fitting bra…. BUT that said it was a lot better today than the time I tore my calf muscle while being fitted. (Yep bra…true story you can read all about that exciting event right here … it makes me laugh every time I think back…despite the agony at the time). …

But back to today… it was great to see that the racks are now chockablock full of gelato colours and gorgeous styles to suit all shapes and sizes. There were minimisers, maximisers, push-up, half cups, underwire,no wire,chicken fillets, soft cups, t shirt bras .. bla bla bla ….  it’s endless and mindboggling. They all fit differently  ….and given that you can only take 3 at a time into the fitting room… it’s a slow and tedious exercise. BUT I eventually won !!

My next challenge is figuring how to keep the new strapless dress up, and in place …. but that’s a story for another day.

I’m 50Something …but not dead yet !



no such thing as a ‘quick-stop shop’…

27 Aug

fruit and vegesI know I should try harder with the whole environmental thing, and I do TRY to remember my envirobags when I head to the shops…but there are those times that I get caught short and find myself relying on the plastic tear-off bags for my fruit and veges.

Today was one of those days, and it reminded me how tricky a ‘quick-stop at the shop’ has become.

There I was, just popping in for one or two items, with my wallet, car keys, phone and reading glasses in my hand. Next  minute I’m trying to juggle said items, dropping them clumsily amongst the avocados while feeling for firmness with one hand and the trying to tear a bag off with the other. Finally I manage to rip my bag off … but the next challenge was to actually separate the plastic layers to open it.

No matter how hard I tried I could not part it (having dropped my glasses, I was flying blind, and it took a while to realise that I was trying in vain to open the sealed edge…). But I stood there determined that the damn thing was NOT going to beat me … I mean it can’t be THAT hard…. can it ?

Success at last !! Then… to complete my ‘quick stop’ I headed to the self serve checkout – another habit I have tried to avoid…. but I was rushing…ok?envirobags

Well there I was, balancing my bits and pieces (now along with the added complication of my shopping) … and trying to manoeuvre a bag open to drop my goods into… Again it won’t play!!! The bags were all bunched together and stubbornly refusing to be budged with my one free hand.

So I guess  I can say I have taken the hint …and my envirobag collection is once again tucked safely in the back of the car.


what’s in a label ?

6 Aug

How good is it, when one you score that perfect piece of clothing …. and you’re not even looking ? Not like that endless search for the ‘dream dress’, when you know exactly what you want and can’t find it ……I mean those opportunistic moments when you just ‘see it and have to try it on ‘ … and then you do,  AND it actually fits like a glove!!!

The dilemma begins …….Do I or  Don’t I ? – The voice in your head saying ‘no you don’t NEED another jacket’ ... and the other voice shouts ‘but it’s perfect’.shopping2

So, off I go for a long lunch and a bit more shopping to quell the voices, but I’m compelled to return right on closing time and try it once more. Then it happened.

You all know it ….it’s a familiar scene…the echoes of the shop assistant and other women in the change room all oozing compliments, and ‘you just HAVE to buy it’ ... bla bla bla.

The dilemma remained, and THEN I saw the tag …. it was XS ….. me ? extra small? that’s ridiculous.

But that’s when I realise it’s a ‘curvy girls’ store so I  guess that makes sense …. and bang my decision is made  I NEED to buy it, clearly that label matters.

Oh what complex creatures we are . .. (well dressed …but complex)



how much is too much pancetta?…

3 Jul

So I was in the deli today… a last minute shop, for a special farewell dinner, and I asked (in my strained, whisper y voice) for 250gm of pancetta.lost voice

The very sweet …but somewhat ‘less than inspiring’ deli woman responded with ‘oh …so have you lost your voice?’  (my god I wish I had a dollar for every person that says that … followed by “I know just how you feel” …) … but forget that …it’s another story entirely.

Anyway she proceeded to slice the pancetta nice and thin, then paused to weigh her bounty.

As the scales tipped 82gm  she said …. ‘mmm that’s not quite enough is it’ ? So I replied  not quite that I needed 250gm for my recipe.

She kept on slicing for a while before weighing again ….this time a grand total of  180gm…. she looked me square in the eye and said ‘that’s pretty close … do you think that will do’ ? What the hell ??? is she the pancetta police?… NO I NEED 250gm ….please !!!.

Reluctantly she continued to slice until I requested that she give up…..at 240gm …I just couldn’t bear it any longer…so I grabbed my stash and ran!!!

P1100171 (2)


high finance…

9 May

Its been a funny kind of day …so many ‘odd moments’, but the silliest of all was my failed attempt to withdraw money from 3 different ATM’s.

Each one cost me a $2 transaction fee; only to tell me that they could not process my transaction at that particular moment!!!  How does THAT work? credit cards

I needed to buy a Japanese newspaper (don’t ask lol) but still had no cash in my wallet.  I decided that a credit card transaction would be a  bit much to ask, for just a paper …. (and they had a $10 limit)… So I proceeded to stock up on a bunch of Japanese goodies that I didn’t really need, just to get close to $10.

Then as the shop assistant was adding up the sales, I asked for the paper …. only to discover that it was FREE!!!

Clearly not my day !!!



7 May

I hadn’t been to a K Mart store for ages; that is up until today when I rushed in after work…. and I must say I was  (mostly) very impressed. It was light, bright, fresh and cheap…. I just wish that I was in less of a rush so that I could take it all in.

BUT  when it was time to pay and leave the store ….I couldn’t find the checkouts. I thought to myself how in the hell can you lose a bunch of cash registers and check-out staff ???? Well let me tell you….it’s easy when they don’t exist.self serve 2

Eventually I saw them…. the bank of self serve robots obscured to the side of the shop. No staff, other than the ‘trouble-shooter’ who comes when the robot machine yells at you to ‘bag your item’.  or ‘remove your goods from the bagging area’…..and yep she yelled at me…loud and clear as I fumbled to ‘pack n stack’ my bulky goods, while simultaneously balancing my wallet, phone and glasses… AND swiping my card at the same time.

With nowhere to put things down,  a sense of panic mounts as this monotone machine seems to be stuck on repeat  getting louder and louder each time..

Up until today it had been my mission to avoid self serve systems… (my small and somewhat vain protest against getting rid of humans and saving jobs)…BUT it appeared I had little or no choice in the ‘new look’ K Mart; although I later discover there are a few humans tucked away at a kiosk in the middle of the store….clearly hidden to avoid drawing attention to them….we couldn’t have them busy and showing up the robots now, could we? .


summing things up…

24 Apr

Picture this… I am in a store waiting to purchase 2 new autumn tops  (that’s not important ~ just wanted to share my bargain), all around the store are signs saying 40% off EVERYTHING, but also on the counter is a small display offering 10% discount to students.

student discountA young man approaches the counter ahead of me and asks the shop assistant how he goes about getting the student discount.

She smiles and replies that there is 40% off EVERYTHING and therefore the student discount does not apply.

Puzzled he asks again … ‘but what do I need to do to  get the 10%?’40 percent

Again she responds calmly and says that all he needs to do is show his student card, HOWEVER today it does not apply because there is 40% of EVERYTHING.

He insisted that he would like to have the student discount because he is a Uni student …and she said … ‘OK that’s fine, just double checking that you would rather have the 10% discount than the 40% storewide discount’?

He stood there, mouth wide and thinking, then after some time replied …’well maybe the 40% would be a better deal… eh’?

Let’s just hope he is not studying mathematics.