messages from the dark side…

29 May

Well, I returned to work today despite my ‘cone of silence’…(Dr’s instructions to rest my newly plumped up vocal folds). It’s a difficult task for a chatterbox …(even one who normally has little to no voice), and being told not to even try to use it, is a challenge … BUT there was work to do and I gave it my best shot.

That was …. until late this afternoon when all signs pointed to ‘GO HOME’.go home 2

Now, I normally manage to find my way around a computer reasonably well; but I confess to never having mastered the art of Excel spreadsheets (probably due to that well know aversion I have with numbers)… Anyway, in an attempt to collate some data my good ‘50something’ work-buddy and I decided I should print a spreadsheet for ease of reading.

Bad Move !!

As I clicked the print icon, I saw the message ‘printing 8333 pages’  flash before my eyes and sat with my mouth gaping for a moment, before trying to cancel and run to the other end of the building to find the printer. Thankfully the said, (brand new) printer appeared to be calm and there was no evidence of any print job at all. Phew (wiping sweat from brow) thank god for that.

However, an hour later …

coma deathMy same good work-buddy goes to the printer. After having to remove 2 full reams of blank paper (that had somehow pumped their way through the machine), she scanned a document and emailed it to me.

Up it popped on my screen instantly … not the document we wanted … but instead this (actual)  cryptic message appeared…. Coma 0.30-0.39…Death 0.40-0.50

What the hell ??? Neither of us had ever seen anything like it, so our immediate response was to fall about laughing (again not easy when you are voiceless). We finally got out act together and thought   ‘mmm yep it’s late …perhaps it is time to go home’,  and I turned to see my computer had timed me out … and began to shut itself down.

CREEPY …but now I wonder.. ‘just who … was trying to talk to me, and what were they really saying?’  




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