measuring up …

28 May

Well here I am home again after last nights drug induced adventure … a bit worse for wear but all good (thank goodness for ice cream) .ice cream

So tonight we go back to nonsense and trivia … and solving the big issues.

This morning while tucking into my mini ice ream tub, I noticed that it was a home grown Tassie brand of treat, carrying the usual nutritional information (did you know there is only 98 calories in a small tub?..well that one anyway)… BUT I was staggered to see that it was labelled as being 3oz content weight…. what the?

Is Tasmania seriously THAT far behind that they still talk in pounds and ounces? I know they are tucked way down low… but surely they heard we went metric back in the early 70’s.

tassieStrangely enough I then had a conversation with a buddy later  today who made the comment ‘ah the penny drops’….followed by… ‘or is that the cent?’  (yes decimal currency arrived in 1966).

It made me stop and think how confused we can get over different measurement systems…and how we pick and choose what works for us.

I mean …. I know my weight in kg… but my height in feet and inches; I talk measurement in centimetres but ‘Mr 50something’ ONLY talks in millimetres; I talk temperature in centigrade .. but when its damn hot will always think how close it is to 100deg F? It’s long enough since we changed from pounds shillings and pence … so no big problems there … but the metric changes are a curious mix.

Our recent trips to USA just highlighted our confusion, where everything is gallons, pints, miles per hour and fahrenheit temperatures …. (but then it’s still yesterday there right now …so I guess we can forgive 😉 )

BUT Seriously Tasmania what’s going on with my 3oz ice cream ??





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