feeling flushed…

19 Jun

I’ve mentioned in the past my delight at  noticing the curious words in my world… you know the ones that pop in your face as you go about your daily business…. street signs, advertising, graffiti, number plates…the funny flushthings, the incorrect spelling and the  cryptic messages.

But today I was struck by the number of signs in one toilet cubicle, reminding me how to complete my visit . Nothing clever or cryptic …. just completely bizarre.

This was no public facility, it was a staff loo in a not-to-busy office block… yet there were 3 large laminated messages staring me in the face reminding me to ‘check behind me’….’leave the toilet as I would like to find it’… and  to ‘flush’…I would have though it comes naturally for most people most of the time…. but clearly not !!!

I wonder why the sign poster would think that THREE signs will be more effective for the offender than just one??? or do three sign constitute yelling?  I was actually tempted me to walk out without pushing that magic little button at all just to show them a lesson.. because I just can’t stand nagging.




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