how much is too much pancetta?…

3 Jul

So I was in the deli today… a last minute shop, for a special farewell dinner, and I asked (in my strained, whisper y voice) for 250gm of pancetta.lost voice

The very sweet …but somewhat ‘less than inspiring’ deli woman responded with ‘oh …so have you lost your voice?’  (my god I wish I had a dollar for every person that says that … followed by “I know just how you feel” …) … but forget that …it’s another story entirely.

Anyway she proceeded to slice the pancetta nice and thin, then paused to weigh her bounty.

As the scales tipped 82gm  she said …. ‘mmm that’s not quite enough is it’ ? So I replied  not quite that I needed 250gm for my recipe.

She kept on slicing for a while before weighing again ….this time a grand total of  180gm…. she looked me square in the eye and said ‘that’s pretty close … do you think that will do’ ? What the hell ??? is she the pancetta police?… NO I NEED 250gm ….please !!!.

Reluctantly she continued to slice until I requested that she give up… 240gm …I just couldn’t bear it any longer…so I grabbed my stash and ran!!!

P1100171 (2)



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