I want what she’s having ….

9 Jul

impulse buyI’m sure I’m not the only person who’s been sucked into ‘buying a bargain’ just because it lands in my inbox. When you open your email and there is a ‘catch of the day’, ‘cudo’ or ‘living social’ (just to name a few) offer that’s too good to refuse…it’s the perfect opportunity for a impulse purchase.

You don’t need it… you hadn’t even thought about it before now…  but suddenly you feel compelled to grab the credit card and buy it. It’s such a painless purchase… and you don’t even need to leave your lounge chair.

BUT… Today I had the craziest offer pop up in my in box…and I can’t imagine ANYONE who would say ‘oh wow, I might just give it a try… what a bargain’!!

No it’s not a set of sheets …or a cheap hour of go-cart racing… nor is it dinner on the harbour … It’s ….

laser eyes

(bet you didn’t see that one coming …. pardon the pun)

WHO in their right mind would act on the power of suggestion, and decide to get their eyeballs lasered …just because it’s cheap?

Maybe I’m just missing the point… but give me a set of sheets any day.






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