office politics

8 Jul

kitchen sink

Cohabitation is a tricky deal wherever it happens. But more often than not… at least in our domestic worlds, we have choices; unlike the office where people of all shapes, sizes, religious and political persuasions are thrust together and expected to share space and tolerate habits.

Now for the most part I have worked in a harmonious environment that functions a bit like an extended (if somewhat dysfunctional) family. We don’t always see the world through the same glasses, but that’s not a bad thing really after all we are an eclectic and fairly tight bunch …on the whole.

However that doesn’t mean that there is never any domestic disharmony … there’s plenty. The kitchen clean-up is the one bone of contention that never ever goes away, but at the moment the other issue is space…. open-plan or closed off ? who sits where? who is noisy and who needs quiet ? who likes the air con on and who prefers windows open ? the list goes on…and on….and on ….. as we make room for a bunch of new people to move in.

It’s so funny how just ONE new person can change the dynamic of an office … (and when you consider it we’ve had quite a few changes and people coming and going lately )…so there is a definite sense of chaos ….and I don’t cope well with chaos! Spontaneity is awesome, but chaos is disastrous…especially when accompanied by noise!!

(can you tell that  I’m ’50Something’… but not dead yet?)




2 Responses to “office politics”

  1. Bronwyn July 8, 2014 at 12:25 pm #

    Please visualize a sweet smiley monster here Lou! xx b

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