morning mishaps

22 Jul

We’ve all had them … those days that just feel doomed from the outset and you just want to quit before they start. (I’m quick to add that it’s not the way it turned out … but it didn’t feel that way at 8am this morning).

Having rolled over in my warm cocoon just once too often, it was clear I would be pushing it to get to work on time.  So after a speedy shower I started to get myself together and a throw my face on…. but in my haste, I misfired and poked my eyeball with my mascara. Next thing  …stinging like crazy, black goop is running down my face along with the uncontrollable stream of tears.

Trying to mop up my my mess, I raced out the back to feed the precious pooches, only to discover that the geriatric of the two is nowhere to be found… AND … bloody hell, she needs her morning meds.

It’s freezing cold, and the clock is ticking as I run (with eye still pouring) and search every corner of our two acre property.

Now here’s the thing… She is deaf and partially blind ….and, as some of you know, I have my vocal ‘challenge’ …. I was running around like a voiceless, blind and mad woman, mopping up my face  and trying to figure what I would do if I couldn’t find her.old dog

After a very long 20 mins  I turned and saw her waddle nonchalantly across the back lawn, clearly wondering what all the fuss was about.

Job done, it was then back to the bathroom to clean myself up and start the day all over.

The moral to the story is …no matter how much you think you deserve that one last roll over …. DON’T DO IT !!!



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