wiser ? or just older ??

7 Aug

I’m not proud of the fact that I have lost a few points off my licence over the past couple of years…I could make all sorts of excuses, but the fact is had 2 minor offences in 2 major demerit periods ….and the rest is history. I’ve sucked it up and moved on, but the point is, I need to be ever vigilant and super careful  on the road.

So, this morning , while sitting at a standstill in morning peak hour my phone beeped and I reached for it… As soon as I lifted it to glance at the message, I was bombarded with screaming sirens and flashing blue and red lights. I looked around and saw her … a surly looking Police Woman staring straight at me as she was trying to pull out of the sideroad and into the line of traffic.


At first I  FROZE….then thought I would vomit, before gradually moving forward and pulling over to the side of the road. I sat waiting for the rule book to be thrown at me… but to my shock, surprise and absolute relief, she accelerated quickly and pull out around me before talking off at breakneck speed.

‘Thank god’ I thought as I sat there for a moment reflecting on what it would mean to lose my licence …The inconvenience and the isolation not to mention the humiliation of having to tell Mr 50Something and the kids (I’m not sure which would be worse).

So the moral of the story is that it’s no good getting older if you don’t get wiser….and I think this was  one very timely warning. This morning was my wake-up call … and from this day forward my phone lives in the back of the car.





2 Responses to “wiser ? or just older ??”

  1. cathtinny August 8, 2014 at 8:25 am #

    Hi Louise, wonder if they were on the way to the bad accident at the top of the street this morning? It involved Di Finch – a really awful one as she was coming out of her driveway. 2 cars pushed into the white weatherboard house 4 down from us, near the block of land at the top of bucket place. I understand after being airlifted from McMahons this morning that she is doing ok in Westmead, a few broken bones, but ok. Thank goodness. She has had a rough few weeks.

    • 50 something but not dead yet August 8, 2014 at 10:13 am #

      thanks Cath .. but no MY transgression was yesterday morning …. sadly probably someone else’s drama that needed the police intervention. (Phew for me ) …Sorry to hear about Di, she sure has had a bad trot, hopefully the broken bones will soon mend and she can try to start get back on track 😦

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