public pimple popping

9 Aug

I’ve often commented on my penchant for ‘people watching’…. I just love to observe humans in their natural habitat especially when they are completely unaware that they are being watched .

Don’t get me wrong, I don’t mean in any creepy kind of way … I mean in public areas, like airports, hospitals, shopping malls and beaches… BUT also in their cars. I don’t know why people think they can sit at the traffic lights and not be seen by the people in the cars beside them.pimple pop

I’m sure you have seen it, ….. the guy that picks his nose, or girl that applies her make-up … or even sings at the top of their lungs … all completely oblivious to the world around them. BUT today took the cake.

I was stationary at the lights and the very attractive young woman in that car beside me adjusted the rear view mirror to inspect a blemish on her chin. Within a spilt second she had progressed to squeezing  with passion, twisting and contorting to get a better view and to inflict maximum pressure on that ‘pesky, pussy (why does that look wrong?) pimple’…. until it popped !!! all over the mirror.!!!

Now this was bizarre enough… but that fact that this lovely looking young woman was sporting a full & fresh face of  make-up like she was heading somewhere special,  was so in contrast  the fact she was inflicting such brutality on her face (not to mention the messy mirror)…mmmm ????



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