bumped off …

10 Aug

I recently had a bit to say about the seeming incongruence of bumper stickers and the people driving the cars that wore them… Since that small observation, I’ve been doing my own study taking more notice than ever, of what people are proud to ‘wear’.

From offensive to boring…  and all things in between, I’m amused by how people want to be seen…. BUT the most amusing was the BMW that I followed yesterday.

This late model & up-market vehicle, looked like it belonged in a ‘dodgem car rally’ with more bends and creases than a rally car… and it was sporting a loud and proud sticker  from Vancouver, Canada   that said … 

I Brake for animals

What the ???….Clearly he didn’t stop for anything else … I’m sure Mr BMW would be unimpressed… along with everyone else who’s  fallen victim to this guy’s driving technique.


Q Station – North Head, Sydney


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