the perfect ratio…

11 Aug

Today I met a colleague that I had known only by email… She was as lovely in real life as she seemed in words on the small screen, however I was immediately struck by something about her appearance.

It was difficult to put my finger on … but then it hit me;  something in her proportions was out of whack.

Now before I go any further I must say that I am in a position to comment given that I am far from a petite package myself. This lovely woman was generously proportioned… certainly not obese… but tall, and fuller figured (in fact for the first time in a long while, all 177cm of me felt dainty as I stood beside her) .

BUT none of that was the issue… my observation had a lot more to do with the size of her handbag.


I was completely amused by its’ tiny size….made to look even smaller by her  extraordinary height…and it got me wondering …. what IS the perfect body to bag ratio?  Who decides and who enforces it ?




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