petrol pump ponderings…

25 Aug

Today I’m wondering if it would be too difficult to create some consistency between car fuel tanks. I mean why can’t they all be on the same side?

I have access to a number of different cars in any one day, so it’s easy to get caught out atPetrol_Pump_Kilakarai the petrol pump… you know, pulling up on the wrong side only to find the hose wont reach and there you are with the cap off  and needing to move the car . It happened to me not once but twice today today…. in the  pouring rain. (Someone once told that the fuel indicator l light  is a hint as to which side the fuel cap is located …. whichever side the hose is shown, supposedly the side you would find the fuel tank… Well  I can confirm that THAT is a load  of nonsense).

petrolIts bad enough when you squeeze the last drop out of your own fuel tank, but when you jump in a fleet car to discover the petrol warning  light blinking…and you need to rush into the nearest petrol station … well !!!

I wheeled in, and found myself doing battle to find the latch to unlock the tank….then jumped out into the rain to discover I was on the wrong side of the pump!!! aaargh lets just say I was ‘not impressed’ (and quite wet) – but the time I reached my destination .



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