the lost art of bed making ….

26 Aug

Having been drilled into the fine art of ‘hospital corners’ as a young nurse … it pains me to see how sloppy we have become with the craft of creating a well made bed.

Last century’s introduction of fitted sheets ….quickly followed by the feather doona, changed    bedmaking 3                                 our whole approach to the job… No more need for neatness, just stretch the bottom sheet and let        the elastic do the rest …then fluff the doona and it’s done.

SO easy, yet today I couldn’t manage it before I ran out the door.

It’s a funny thing, but I can count on one hand, the days that  I’ve left the house without making the bed …and I’ve gotta admit  that it’s just one of ‘those’ obsessions for me . I can’t bear the idea of crawling into an unmade bed (whatever that is given that we don’t ACTUALLY  make them these days) … nor walking back into the house after work to see  a pile of feathers lumped in the middle of the mattress.

Long gone are the old days of smooth flat fitted  sheet… top sheet …and a couple of blankets all turned  over at the top and perfectly tucked, before being topped off with a floral fitted bedspread.



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