hey sister …where is the love?

25 Sep

I wandered into a formal wear store today, just for a quick lap to see what was on offer at a reasonable price. We’re headed to a charity ball in a couple of weeks, and while I’m leaving it til the last minute before I commit to my outfit (some serious backfat melting to do before then)… I’m looking for ideas and inspiration.

So… I saw a rack of half price gowns and zero’d in to one that really caught my eye… it was stunning, but I couldn’t see a price OR size tag. While I was admiring it I heard the 50Something shop assistant (who to this point had not said a word) say from the other side of the store… ‘forget it.. there is no way it will fit you’ . hep week

Unable to speak across the store with my dodgy vocal cords, I walked to her and asked the size and why did it not have a tag. She responded with a face that looked like she’d been sucking lemons… saying that it was a size 10 Then as she eyed me head to toe, she added… we wont have anything to for YOU, on the discount rack (says she, who was both vertically AND horizontally challenged).

Now at this point I need to clarify that despite my obsession with backfat,  and being generously proportioned I am not an especially supersized sister… but rather a tall average at size 14-16. I could not get over her atrocious attitude and her overpriced gowns… clearly she was having a really bad day (well at least I hope so) …. If not she really needs to find another job.

Tell me … where is the love ?P1000523








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