the war has begun…

24 Sep

backfatI haven’t met a 50something woman yet, who is completely content with her body…probably any age really…but by our middle years many of us us feeling generally more comfortable in our skin, however we still have our pet hates… and mine is BACKFAT.

Even when I was a young and much more trim version of myself… I would look at older women and hope that those handles would never appear on my back. Not that I necessarily thought that the women were fat but I really didn’t want those extra rolls off my own… thank you very much.

But along with maturity (and less elastin) my worst fears began to come true.

Now, I can cope with the thicker waistline, heavier thighs, bigger boobs and belly, but I can’t stand BACKFAT ! (even the word makes me squirm)… so you can imagine my horror as I saw the ‘back-bra – bulge’ begin to blossom.

However life is not over yet and the war on backfat has just begun….and it seems like I might just be winning.

Backfat is the enemy and must be eradicated!!! I’m 50something but not dead yet !!!




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