rabbits, dogs, tears and testosterone

5 Oct

Now I’m not an especially huge fan of Rugby League football (or any other footy for that matter)… but tonight’s grand final was enough to keep me engaged as the Bulldogs chased the Rabbits all over the paddock.rabbit and dog

The overt displays of man-love at the end of the game were worth waiting for. After 80mins of watching these testosterone fuelled young men battle for their life like gladiators … they then wept with joy at the blow of the whistle.

But man-love can’t be soft, it’s gotta be rugged and ‘manly’…so we saw bodies dripping ‘blood sweat and tears’ embrace…cry…embrace some more …. then break the hold with a punch. You know, that awkward thing men do when they realise that they accidentally got a bit soft and actually showed some emotion.

It was a sentimental win and I’m sure there were plenty of tears from the men in the stadium as well…. well done Bunnies.



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