smarter than the average 5oSomething…

4 Oct

It’s that time of year again here in parts of Australia, when we welcome back our longer days, our evening BBQs… and the kids that grumble about going to bed while it’s still daylight (well maybe we don’t actually welcome the whingey little people bit ….but they soon acclimatise and enjoy it too).

Yep, I’m talking about daylight saving….and I love it !!

Daylight-Savings-TimeI could go on and on about why I love it … but my point is really about the confusion of changing the clock, and how it plays games with even the sharpest mind.

There is always the inevitable debate ‘do I put it forward and hour?? ….or back by an hour? ‘….. ‘am I gaining an hour of beauty sleep ? …or being ripped off by an hour?’ Not to mention …‘if I have an airline ticket, purchased BEFORE the time change …what time do I go to the airport?’

So to wake in the morning and find the bedside clock-radio, microwave and kitchen clock telling me one time, while my ‘smart phone’ had already moved on and is telling me something different, really does my head in.

I mean, HOW does the phone know?

Seriously…… I know it’s all about satellites and co-ordinates and all that scientific stuff, but honestly it does my head in to think that every phone & computer just automatically knows what to do based on it’s address at the time.

What happens if you live on the Queensland~NSW border, where one street can make a difference to what time of day it is?….So, OK smart phone… are you smart enough to cope with THAT. ? ..and what happens when you pop to the local shop that just happens to be inter-state???

Some things are just too hard for my ‘50Something’ brain to understand… perhaps I just need to accept that it’s one of life’s many mysteries, and stop trying.



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