all in a days work …

9 Oct

I feel like the last few posts have been all about ME…and to avoid becoming self indulgent I sense the need to get back to tackling the big issues.

So tonight I’m wondering about our men (and women) in blue…Our enforcers of law and order…our keepers of the peace …our very own NSW Police Force.  Now I am not about to criticise, they have a tough and at times dangerous job to do ….BUT you wouldn’t have known that today. pedestrian

On my drive through Sydney  I noticed ‘gangs’ off 2 or 3 Officers strategically located on busy city street corners….watching then pouncing on unsuspecting pedestrians who stray from the allocated road crossing, then writing tickets for their ‘criminal’ behaviour. I know its about safety, and that rules are in place to help us all … but seriously ??? who was left on ‘bank robber alert’, or ready to respond to an emergency??

Having pondered the value of this pedestrian blitz…I then left the city, smack bang in the middle of the peak hour traffic. Driving at a snail’s pace in bumper to bumper traffic on the freeway, I passed a number of Police Officers with their radar set up …..

police radarNow you tell me …. does that seem like a reasonable use of taxpayers money, when, for 20km of my trip I did not exceed 50kph in a 110kph stretch of road?  It was impossible to come even close to the speed limit ~ let alone go over it in that short space…..YET I passed 4 patrol cars parked obscurely so as to avoid detection, each one clearly on a mission to catch speedsters ….. BUT WHY during peak hour traffic? it makes no sense at all.

Having given this dilemma some thought …it makes me wonder what they actually hope to achieve…. I mean here we had 4 Officers sitting on the side of the freeway in the vain HOPE that someone might exceed the speed limit …. or perhaps they just wanted some peace and quiet and a bit of  ‘time out’.

I wonder …..




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