Santa’s in the ‘burbs….. already

24 Nov


There is nothing more bizarre that driving through some of Sydney’s less salubrious suburbs …and seeing the amazing and over the top Christmas displays popping up, Streets that are usually dotted with burnt out cars and sulo bins now share the space with Santa and all his little helpers.

Now while that’s strange enough in its own right,…. if you add to that the love of “snow” in this landscape…. the mind boggles. We’ve just survived 4 days of temperatures over 40deg … so winding through these snow filled streets seems even more surreal…… mmm wouldn’t you think it would melt ??

Perhaps it’s a way of preparing me for my real white Christmas ….the countdown to my northern hemisphere festivities has started and the egg nog and open fires are just around the corner … but tell me  have YOU every tried shopping for thermal undies when it’s 45deg  outside?  It’s a challenge !

 (So I guess it’s not just the residents of the ‘burbs’ that are confused …. eh?) 



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