it helps to smile …..

25 Nov

Well it’s been a strange day in so many ways … BUT that aside…tonight,  I just want to focus on people whoyawn hate their job. I constantly wonder about people in the service industry who hate people (or at least look like they do).

Today I bumped into more than my fair share of them, but two in particular stood out head and shoulders above the crowd.

Case in point #1…   a manicurist (is that a word ???) who, while she was doing a pedicure, (perhaps she should be called a ‘pedicurist’ ??) appeared so bored that she looked like she could fall asleep. She slapped some cream on this poor woman’s legs and  rubbed away unenthusiastically while she yawned (with no free hands to cover her mouth). Now the poor woman may have been tired after a day of playing with toenails, but surely she could pretend !!! (or duck out the back for a nap and then come back).

bloodCase in point #2 …. a blood collector in the pathology practice who was surly and  irritated with me for walking in the door 10 minutes before she was due to knock off. There I was the only person in sight and she told me that she NEEDED to leave on time today (as she sighed heavily)  … so I promised to try and ‘bleed fast’.   .



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