bob’s place….

15 Dec

OK…so here we are…smack bang in the middle of a real live winter wonderland. Just like the movies and the storybooks …and about as far removed from the lead up to an Aussie Christmas as you could get.

Bob's Place

Bob’s Place

All our lives ‘downunder’, we’ve  lived with the images of snow covered cottages and Christmas Trees … But OUR reality is so much more about bbq’s beaches and tinsel draped on store bought trees or …better still, the branch of a gum tree…..same same but different….maybe ????

Anyway, after a sleep-in and slow start to the day, we wandered the neighborhood …..somewhere between 7 and 9 km (depending on whose iPhone you believe) … in and out shops, cafes and markets…watching dogs frolick in armpit deep white stuff ….drinking real Italian coffee (no I’m not demented…and yes we are in Montreal).  Then off to Bob’s place to share  wine and oysters with some awesome local hospitality….

So far only one crash on the ice… and that was the footpath not the skating rink …lol …but  thankfully no injuries AND it was before buying the bottle of wine…phew !



One Response to “bob’s place….”

  1. kamillej2014 December 16, 2014 at 2:35 am #

    Fantastic pics. Here in Western Australia, we are bracing for summer temps in the high 30’s. Bushfire season is well underway. Using the oven for Christmas dinner heats the whole house and the air-conditioner doesn’t always win the battle to get the temp back down to 24C.
    So different. But I still like it:)
    Skinny Jeans Mum

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