down the drain…

16 Dec

As often happens when I find myself in new surroundings, I begin to ponder the small and obscure things…Today was no different.

We grazed over a slow delicious breakfast, the calm broken only by the occasionalwpid-20141215145619.jpg need to throw snowball out the window at the brick wall across the alley (..just because we could) and the conversation soon turned to mythbusting. The main focus was northern hemisphere Vs southern hemisphere ‘norms’ …and whether or not tornados twist in opposite directions; however given that was a little hard to prove in any kind of scientific way over brekkie….we opted for ‘which way does the water go down the drain’???? instead.

Easy!….you think ??

Well easy enough to prove which way it travels here, but do you think any of us true blue Aussies had ever bothered to take note @ home ? No…not one of us had a clue.

So if any of my friends down-under feel like filling the sink then draining it…we would appreciate our hypothesis being validated…..or I could just ‘google it’….

Oh …for the record it’s clockwise here in Montreal.


 (oops window crisis tonight ….aaargh)



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