dodging danger….

21 Dec

Frolicking in the snow this past week has highlighted just how much I don’t know about living in colder climates….Like…what to wear? many layers are too many before you pass out in the shopping mall?…how come you feel snow before you see it?…and how does this fine sprinkling actually mount up to anything without melting (like it does when you try to catch it )?

Then there are the issues of safety…. I mean, apart from slipping on the icey pavement, I wonder just how many people are killed every year by falling icicles ????

These amazing long spikes dangle dangerously above the pavement just waiting for the perfect moment to lose their grip and spear through the brain of the unsuspecting passer-by. But despite the inherent dangers of walking down the street, surprisingly the statistics here are remarkably low….or so they seem….All you need is a quick search to reveal some of the more bizarre outcomes of living in such chilly climates.

But always keen to find the up-side I wonder whether there is a market for designer crash helmets…you know, for  shopping? Would they ever catch on do you reckon???





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