the challenge of an Aussie (wanna-be) culinary queen

22 Dec

It’s interesting when the most basic of kitchen basics become a challenge…Having already done battle earlier this evening, with the unfamiliar washing machine …(and won)… it was time for the super dooper  semi automatic fan forced oven…. but that’s  another story.

So, if you combine an unfamiliar language ..with unfamiliar ingredients (who would think copha or caster sugar would be hard to find?) in an unfamiliar kitchen full of unfamiliar appliances …then the degree of difficulty  is definitely a 10 (but so is the fun factor…after all.who knows what new creation will result?)

Fortunately all Christmas treats are new to the unsuspecting recipients…so there is no real risk of comparison or complaint…just the culinary honour of the entire Aussie population at stake. …….So my apologies in advance.



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