ring those bells….

26 Dec




















Just when I thought I have become accustomed to the variety of ring tones and regular intrusion by mobile phones throughout the day…..I was ‘shocked that I was so shocked’ today when I heard a regular house phone ring.

There I was, in the shower of our hosts beautiful home, when the phone on the vanity cupboard beside me rang loud and clear…I wasn’t concerned about answering it (because that’s not what I do .) .but rather, I was reflecting on the urgency of the sound, and the  fact that I never hear a house phone ring at all  these days.

Ah …..the times they just keep changing.




One Response to “ring those bells….”

  1. Flamingo Dancer December 27, 2014 at 10:35 am #

    my iPhone rings with an old fashioned house phone ring. I love it.

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