dying to tell the story…..

27 Dec

It would seem to some that I have a fascination with death, and I guess maybe it’s true to some extent, but not in a morbid or weird way…it’s more of a calm curiosity really.

Now, I will start by acknowledging  that lots of people find the subject confronting, (so that’s the warning….do not pass go if you are in that boat) …..and  maybe it’s because the only time they have  needed to deal with death is when there is a family tragedy …however, I have been exposed in one way or another since I was a youngster.wpid-20141228145056.jpg

I ‘cut my teeth’ on cemeteries around age 9 or 10 when, in the school holidays, I used to visit to read headstones and pick jonquils …..try suggesting THAT one to keep  your kids amused over the summer break!

Anyway my point is that since then I have had a curious regard for graveyards and the people in them…., so when we stumbled across the snow covered  Silver Valley Cemetery today I was disappointed to discover the gate was locked (was it to keep them in or us out? …..I’m not sure). I did learn that the date on the gate belies the truth, and that most of the residents had been laying around in there since the early 1800s.

However, my fascination doesn’t stop with the headstones….it’s more about the people and process of sending them off….In fact I did entertain the idea if becoming a funeral celebrant once….but that all changed when I lost my voice.. Then I  wondered about a job in the embaling industry (at least I wouldn’t NEED to talk then)….but figured maybe for now I should stick with those folk who still have  a heartbeat….after all they’re more of a challenge!

But, now..despite my ghoulish graveyard fascination ….I just need to add that I don’t plan on ending up in one …now or ever!!!  So if anyone reading this happens to be around in 35 years when I might be feeling a little tired….please remember…’no boxes 6ft under for me’….just a hot fire, a windy day, and I’ll be on my way!!




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