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I like to watch …

25 May

There is no doubt that people watching is the cheapest and most entertaining way to spend your time.

If you add to this a perfect autumn day, a boat-ramp and a procession of men showing off the manhood through the size of their boats and their maritime skills …then it’s been a perfect day. boat ramp

Their need to abide by boat ramp etiquette… while being speedy and executing a ‘precision launch’ (because everyone is watching) is a recipe for disaster… Not to mention more than a few laughs (well polite sniggers) from the onlookers.

boat ramp 2From the shocking attempt to reverse in a straight line….and ending up the gutter…, to letting go of the rope and having the boat float ‘just out of reach’ … it’s a laugh a minute.

So if you are every feeling low and need that little something to give you a lift, take a chair, your sunblock  and  your dark sunglasses to hide behind… and head to the nearest boat ramp.