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one more useless fact …

1 Dec

Hot on the heels of yesterday’s concern over why hamburgers are called hamburgers ~ today I was faced with yet another life changing conundrum.

While visiting a local theatre to book an event for next year, I was given a guided tour. As we wandered into ‘the green room’ I was surprised to see magnificent purple and orange glass panelling, timber furniture, cream walls and comfortable lounges…. but NOTHING  green.

green roomI asked the obvious question  …..why is it called a green room ?

You guess it …the theatre director had no real answer. She said here are many theories but none agreed by the majority of the theatre word. So … after sharing my new-found knowledge on the history of hamburgers with her, we agreed I should ‘google it’.

To my delight I discovered that this very question has been tackle by a fellow blogger…one who is clearly far more connected to the ‘world of the stage’ than I ….so I’m happy to share Ken’s observations for you, rather than re-write the re-write. (Thanks Ken)

I’m pleased to see that while Uni is done for the year …there is still plenty of opportunity to expand my brain (and yours) by solving the big issues  …I wonder what we can tackle next ?