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what’s in a number?

17 Dec

I’m inspired……while I have never wanted my age to define the way I think …look …or act….tonight I was reassured that fashion has no age limit.

My advice to 50something (or 60,70,80 or whatever something) friends everywhere is…do yourselves a favor and take a peek at the Advanced Style women …. I promise you will love them too.

Here’s looking at you



fabulous fashion for fifty-somethings…

9 Sep

As I dresses for work, I stopped to reflect on my ‘look’ for the day…and I chuckled.

There I was feeling great, in my army style khaki boots with my string of pseudo-pearls draped around my neck, and I had a sudden flash of “Aunty Jack”.

Gone are the days that 50Something means twin-sets and pearls (with pleated shirts and sensible heels) – today’s modern mid-lifer can do whatever she wants  …and she will !!

I’m 50Something but not dead yet !