fabulous fashion for fifty-somethings…

9 Sep

As I dresses for work, I stopped to reflect on my ‘look’ for the day…and I chuckled.

There I was feeling great, in my army style khaki boots with my string of pseudo-pearls draped around my neck, and I had a sudden flash of “Aunty Jack”.

Gone are the days that 50Something means twin-sets and pearls (with pleated shirts and sensible heels) – today’s modern mid-lifer can do whatever she wants  …and she will !!

I’m 50Something but not dead yet !



3 Responses to “fabulous fashion for fifty-somethings…”

  1. aiyshah2014 September 21, 2014 at 3:04 am #

    I honestly think that what a 50 something ++ woman decides to wear makes the biggest fashion statement out there. When you are in your twenties and delving into all kinds of fashions mixing and matching, you are really not saying anything other than ….hey I’m 24 and just trying out stuff. If anything it just shows how brave you are, not really anything much else. But if you are 50 something and you are consistently wearing EXACTLY what you want to wear, you are really screaming your point of view to everyone.

    I say this because actually I don’t dress like ……..um……anyone else I have ever met. (Honestly). I am a white NZ woman in her 50s living in Malaysia who wears a big colourful African headdress, with chunky-funky earrings and necklaces, with a long black abaya…..(Honestly). and I have been dressing like this for over 14 years now. I know when people look at me for the first time they definitely say……whoah what have we got here, to which I smile and say….’me! that’s who!’.

    Oh and when members of my family come over and see me dressed like this, before they open their mouths and say something (because they often feel they have to say something), I just say “Don’t be alarmed, I’m just being me and loving it.” They usually laugh and say ‘glad to see nothing has changed!’

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