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the dizzy heights of mediocrity

28 Jan

mediocrityOne thing I fear these days is becoming bland. You know, disappearing into the grey zone of ‘ordinariness’ (come to think of it …I have dreaded this semi comatose state since I was young). The thought of being just ‘OK’ or ‘good’ (as opposed to ‘GOOD’) is completely underwhelming to me.

Don’t get me wrong, this is not something that I dwell on… or that I even think of on a daily basis, but it occurred to me today while chatting with a work buddy about her plans for a new kitchen. (Odd I know, but stick with me … )P1120265

While we discussed the plans for the makeover, I asked who was she planning to use to do the work and she replied ‘Good Kitchens’. I stopped in my tracks and wondered who on earth helped this company with their marketing plan, it sure isn’t an attention grabber…nor does it inspire a sense of anything special.

Solid? …certainly. Predictable?…possibly. Boring?…most likely ….BUT special? Nup, I’m guessing not.

Why not Great Kitchens? …or  Brilliant Kitchens?…. but then what’s in a name??

(apologies if you are…or you know…the good people from good kitchens. This is no reflection on the quality of their product…which I am sure is ‘good’)