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road trippin memories …

16 Apr

Well four full on days of Uni are done… World Voice Day is beginning to wind down… “Mr 50Something” has arrived in Wagga Wagga (down the road from Gumly Gumly) and its time for some road trippin….time to get out there and absorb real regional Australia.

splatt 2Funny how we all jump at the chance to fly the globe and see what the big wide world has to offer … while right here on our doorstep, there is so much to see. I must admit to being guilty as charged to an extent, however this little sojourn will retrace one of my early life adventures….

My talent for causing all sorts of medical curiosities began down this way some 42 years ago while on a family caravanning holiday. I became ill on Christmas Day in Swan Hill.. and was rushed into the local (and VERY regional) hospital where they managed to drag the local Butcher (oops I mean Surgeon) away from his pork crackling to come and remove my appendix.

That in itself is a reasonable story …but add the fact that it was 43 degrees and my family (and other travelling companions) were stuck in the local caravan park for 2 weeks while I went on to develop a massive infection, and have my belly explode open….(SPLATT!!)… made it quite an adventure.

OOPS! Swan Hill WAS meant to be an overnight pit-stop.

I have vivid memories of Dad visiting daily ‘to keep me company’ wearing his dark sunglasses and finding the comfy chair in the corner so he could be cool and have a snooze. More power to him I say … because I STUNK… I mean like rotten meat (damn that butcher), He always was my hero !! 😉

Anyway all these year later , and by a series of very odd ‘coincidences’  I discover that the hospital is located on “Splatt St” … So what??? I here you ask  .. Well Splatt is my Mum’s maiden name (and, lets face it, not exactly Smith or Jones)… something tells me I need to visit… so here we go with a sense of adventure and fingers crossed..





hazy memories …

9 Mar

Today saw me jumping straight back into the saddle (and the drivers seat) after putting life on pause for a couple of weeks while we circumnavigated the globe….but I soon realise that one’s memory can become rusty fairly quickly.

Having not needed to remember PIN numbers or passwords for a couple of weeks, I suddenly found myself with sweaty palms as I realised that I needed to buy petrol today. …Not only was there the pump number to remember, but also the six digit odometer reading and petrol card password….it went something like this ~ 16, 106466,2758

After queuing for several minutes and repeating the sequence of numbers over and over in my mind, I finally made it to the register to pay for my fuel. As soon as I swiped the card, an error message appeared and the attendant started asking me some questions (distracting from the delicate balance of the number sequence). The error indicated that my card had been stolen and therefore the account had been stopped … both interesting, but new news to my ears. credit cards

As  my heart skipped a beat and the queue behind me grew,  I reached of another plastic card to quickly pay (thinking I would sort out the mess later)… but you guessed it by the time I did, I had so many random numbers floating in my brain that I couldn’t retrieve the correct PIN number for THAT account.

Finally it all came together and I managed to get out of there without any further embarrassment… I’m hoping this was just an anomaly. I’m ‘50 something’… but not dead yet.’